What Is Boba And Where Can I Get It In & Around The North East?

A quick guide to the quirky, TikTok and Insta famous drink from Taiwan that’s taking the region by storm.

Evie, one of the North East’s biggest boba fans, making the most of Tealive’s lush swing

What Is It?

Boba, Bubble Tea, Pearl Milk Tea, Tapioca Tea – whatever name you’ve heard it called, in it’s most basic form, the drink consists of black tea, milk, ice and chewy tapioca pearls all shaken together and served with the famously oversized straw.

The huge selection of boba on offer at Bubble Cha

What Does It Taste Like?

Sweet, refreshing and delicious with little popping balls that add a totally unique texture. Bubble Tea comes in many different flavours so you can pick and choose which you prefer.

Evie enjoying one of Manhua Cha’s specials

How Do I Order?

• Choose your base (either milk or fruit)

• Pick your topping (usually popping bubbles or jelly chunks)

• Make it yours (adjust the sweetness & amount of ice/serve it hot or cold)

The recently opened Bubble Ci-Tea’s setup

Where Can I Get It?

Below are a list of places we’ve visited to get our boba fix;

Bubble Cha, Newcastle

Address: 52 Stowell Street, NE1 4XQ

Opening Times: Daily from 11am until 8:30pm

Prices: from £3.20

Menu Highlight: Passion Fruit Tea

Our Thoughts: Located right in the heart of Newcastle’s China Town, Bubba Cha is our favourite place to grab a bubble tea – lovely staff, huge menu choice and excellent drinks

Website: http://www.bubble-cha.com

Bubble Cha

Bubble Ci-Tea, Gateshead

Address: Lower Red Mall, Metro Centre

Opening Times: Monday to Saturday 9am – 7pm, Sunday 11am – 5pm

Prices: from £3.35

Menu Highlight: White Peach Fruit Tea

Our Thoughts: Disappointingly, every time we’ve visited, they haven’t had any boba

Website: https://bubblecitea.com/

Bubble Ci-Tea

Lucky Cat Boba, Sunderland

Address: Unit 1, Park Lane, SR1 3NX

Opening Times: Tuesday to Saturday 11am – 6pm, Sunday 11am – 5pm

Prices: from £3.50

Menu Highlight: Watermelon Fruit Tea

Our Thoughts: Lucky Cat Boba is Sunderlands only Bubble Tea shop, with canny staff and speedy service

Website: http://luckycatboba.com

Lucky Cat Boba

Manhua Cha, Newcastle

Address: Unit 15, STACK

Opening Times: TBC

Prices: from £3.75

Menu Highlight: Their Daily Specials

Our Thoughts: As well as selling Boba, Manhua Cha have a great selection in their Sweet Shop section. They also offer Bubble Tea kits so you can make their drinks at home

Website: https://www.manhuacha.com/

Manhua Cha

Sing Tea Bubble Tea, Middlesbrough


Opening Times:


Menu Highlight:

Our Thoughts:


Tealive, Newcastle

Address: 7 Nelson Street, NE1 5AN

Opening Times: Daily from 12 noon until 7pm

Prices: from £4

Menu Highlight: Mango Iced Tea

Our Thoughts: Lush little place but we have found service to be on the slow side so lots of queuing and waiting

Website: https://instagram.com/tealive.newcastle


Utepia Milk Tea, Durham


Opening Times:


Menu Highlight:

Our Thoughts:

Website: https://utepia-tea.business.site/

Yi Fang, Newcastle

Address: 10A Northumberland Road, NE1 8JF

Opening Times: Daily from 12 noon until 8pm

Prices: from £4.15

Menu Highlight: Passion Fruit Green Tea

Our Thoughts:

Website: https://www.yifangtea.co.uk

Yi Fang

Are you a bubble tea fan? Where’s your go-to place to visit to get those little popping balls? Let me know in the comments

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