Make A Difference This Christmas With Feeding Families North East

With the “Season Of Goodwill” edging ever closer, I’m sharing the work Feeding Families do to make a difference to so many families here in the North East.

About Feeding Families: Feeding Families is a charity based in North East England that offers support, hope and security to those experiencing food poverty. Working closely with other organisations and agencies, Feeding Families ensure that thousands of families in desperate need have access to Emergency Food Boxes and Support Packages. Feeding Families offers more than just food, it shows compassion to those in crisis.

The History Of Feeding Families: In 2016, as part of a personal project, the very first Feeding Families hampers were delivered to people who were struggling to make their already stretched resources cover the extra expense of Christmas. On 29th October 2017, Feeding Families as an organisation was born and in 2020 they delivered over 3000 Christmas Hampers across the North East. Feeding Families now operate a weekly packing centre where food boxes are created all year round, they partner with other local charities and organisations to get them to the people most in need.

Get Involved With Feeding Families:


To ensure those affected by food poverty receive help, Feeding Families not only needs a constant supply of donated food, but a vast army of volunteers to work in their packaging centres and to deliver food boxes. Whether you would like to commit a few days a week, or hours a month or just help as a one-off, your time will make a valuable difference to Feeding Families and those they support.


Feeding Families is constantly humbled by the huge number of people wanting to fundraise in support of the charity and their mission. Much needed money has been raised through auctions, raffles, sponsored events, and appeals, by hundreds of supporters.

Food Collections

Feeding Families need a constant flow of food into their packing centres to support all the families that need help. Each box contains 20 items so you can imagine how much food Feeding Families need. If you can arrange a collection at your work or school, village, estate, or street Feeding Families can provide a collection box and flyers listing the food items that they need.

Give A Christmas Hamper

For many families, Christmas is another stress on top of the daily challenges of living. The added expense of providing special things for their family can be overwhelmingly difficult and none of us would want to see our children without a decent meal and a present under the tree. For others, especially those who are alone, it might not seem that anyone cares and it’s not worth making the effort. This is where Feeding Families can help. Feeding Families is built around the generosity of people willing to help those less fortunate than themselves to enjoy Christmas. Feeding Families accept requests for hampers from anyone who is in genuine need (subject to meeting criteria), and they match them up with kind hearted people who donate a Christmas Hamper full of everything to make a special Christmas dinner. It’s just one less thing for the recipient to have to worry about.

Contact Feeding Families:

Every year since 2018, we’ve participated in the Feeding Families Christmas Campaign – whether that’s delivering a food hamper or donating the cash equivalent, it’s something both Evie & Harry are eager to help with. The whole process, from sign up to delivery, is very simple. For full details about the process, have a read of

Putting together a Christmas Hamper knowing how much it will help a local family is an emotional, and humbling, experience, one we will continue to do year on year for as long as the scheme is running.

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