McDonalds Inspired Double Sausage & Egg Muffin Meal

Easy peasy McDonald’s inspired Double Sausage and Egg Muffin Meal recipe. You’ll be amazed how similar these taste to the real thing.

INGREDIENTS (to make 4)

– 8 Cumberland Sausages

– 4 Eggs

– 4 Cheese Slices

– 4 English Muffins

– 4 Frozen Hash Browns


1) Put the hash browns in the toaster (yup, you can cook hash browns in the toaster) They’ll need a couple of pops but they come out super crispy.

2) Remove the skin from the sausages and flatten in to patties.

3) Fry the pork patties with a little bit of oil on a low heat. Each side will take 5-6 mins.

4) Swap the cooked hash browns with the muffins and lightly toast them.

5) Once the patties are cooked, fry your eggs. I use egg rings but that’s purely so they come out nice and round, they’re not necessary.

6) Assembly time – muffin, cheese, pattie, pattie, egg, muffin is the official order but feel free to throw it together any way you like.

7) Serve with a hash brown and a coffee (mmmm sounds optional).

Why I think these are better than the real deal…

• The price. I spent £6-£7 on the ingredients to make these four. One meal from McDonald’s is £4.19.

• Time – our local McDonald’s is a 9-10 mins drive away and there’s *always* a queue. Plus, I don’t need to get washed and dressed to enjoy the homemade ones.

• Runny yolks. I like to keep my yolks running when making these.


• McDonalds hash browns are hard to beat. It’s the deep fried goodness.

• You actually have to cook

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