Ridiculously Indulgent Ways To Eat Your Easter Chocolate

Have you ended up with a little more chocolate than you bargained for over Easter? Help make a dent in your stash with these Easter chocolate recipes and serving ideas.

Cereal Bowl

Fill half a chocolate egg with cereal. Add the milk. Get stuck in.

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Dippy Eggs

Creme Eggs and shortbread soldiers.

Chocolate Bark

Melt some chocolate. Spread it out on greaseproof paper. Add chocolate and sprinkles. Leave it to set. Smash and enjoy.

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Chocolate Nests

The classic. To melted chocolate add cornflakes. Pop in to cupcake cases and push chocolate eggs in to the “nests”. Leave to set then serve.

Easter “Scotch Eggs”

These can be made by wrapping a Creme egg (or Oreo egg or caramel egg or Hershey’s egg…you get the idea) with whizzed up brownie or cookie dough then rolling in chocolate crumbs.

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Ice Cream Sundae

Fill a chocolate egg with ice cream. Add wafers, sprinkles, sauce, whatever you fancy.

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The Best Hot Chocolate

Add a chocolate egg to hot milk and wait for it to melt.

Easter Irish Cream

One for the adults. Serve Irish Cream in a chocolate rabbit.

Do you have any other ways to use up left over Easter chocolate? If you do, let me know in the comments.